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TableTop TutorsTM : Infographics on Eco-Conscious Living

order now Tabletop TUTORS TM from Candia Lea Cole are beautiful eco-education infographics that can be printed as posters and even used as dining table placemats. They are meant for individuals of all ages to learn about the connection between our everyday food, health, and lifestyle choices, and our personal and planetary health.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"! These infographics offer to be a stellar alternative to full length books, which many people find themselves too busy to read. The information - presented in small, digestible chunks - is easy to absorb . For this reason, they are useful to those with reading or learning challenges.

Here's sample of the topics featured on the 85 plus posters!

  • Non GMO farming, seed saving, composting, bee preservation, permaculture, organic vs. industrial foods
  • Eco-friendly cookware, eco-friendly kitchen, cooking with soul, therapeutic color meals
  • Vegetarian and Paleo diet awareness, Chinese 5 Element Nutrition Therapy
  • Candida and Autism dietary awareness, allergy-free recipes
  • Eco-friendly fats and sweeteners vs. toxic fats and sweeteners
  • Food and mood, why to hydrate for health, why to eat salt, weight loss with good gut bacteria
  • Whole foods recipes from Candia's Kitchen
  • Soy, dairy, and wheat free, eating and recipes
  • Non-toxic beauty and personal care
  • Green house cleaning and green clothing/laundry solutions
  • Eco-intelligent lifestyles, cell phone dangers, nature therapy, and more

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All the infographics included in any pack of Tabletop TUTORSTM are the exclusive property of Eco-Learning Legacies and are protected under the United States and International Copyright laws. The infographics may not be manipulated or sold - either in digital or printed format - without the written permission of Candia Lea Cole. The infographics convey messages on health and sustainability and are meant to serve as learning and teaching aids for individuals and organizations. Use of the infographics for purposes other than educational will be considered a violation of the United States and International Copyright laws.
All infographics are copyrighted © 2010 - 2016 Eco-Learning Legacies.

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How can the Tabletop TUTORSTM be used
Tabletop Tutors The infographics may be printed out on plain or glossy paper (8.5 by 11 size) or even displayed in digital photo frames. Used as dining table placemats, they serve as great conversation starters where people gather to eat, and discuss personal and planetary health concerns. The posters can also be featured in flip-page notebooks and placed in the waiting rooms of doctor's clinics, health and wellness centers, yoga and meditation studios, and beauty salons, to promote awareness about how people can take greater responsibility for their health, and practice daily rituals for well-being that are kind to their bodies and the Earth. Home schools can use the posters to teach kids, teenagers, and young adults, about the importance of adopting eco-conscious lifestyle values. Schools, colleges, and other academic institutions can use the posters in the classroom, library, canteen, or corridor, to encourage eco-sustainable lifestyle choices that promote eco-sustainable leadership. Businesses and social organizations will find the posters useful for creating educational campaigns that reflect their interest in creating an eco-aware culture that is responsive to true and lasting change.

About the Creator of Tabletop TUTORSTM
Candia Lee Cole Candia Lea Cole is an eco-visionary and holistic eco-lifestyle educator. She is known in her field as "The Consciousness Raising Cook" for her work that teaches people how to eat in harmony with the Earth. She is also known as "The Soulful Eco-Lifestyle Mentor", for her work that teaches people about the relationship between personal and planetary healing. Candia envisions a future on Earth in which all people will become conscious of, and joyful about their personal roles in sustaining the living ecology of their bodies and the Earth. read more ...

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