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An article on "Eco Fashion Designer"

By S. Gupta


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The task of an Eco Fashion Designer is to design apparel and accessories using eco-friendly materials and processes so that they have no adverse impact on the environment in general and the people's health in paricular.

While designing apparel for men and women, materials that an Eco Fashion Designer may think of usinginclude - but are not limited to - organic cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo, recycled textiles, non-toxic dyes and natural bleaches.

For accessories an Eco Fashion Designer may make use of stones, shells, pearls and even coconuts and soy. And the list does not end there! There's many an Eco Fashion Designer who would make good use of recycled truck tyres, parachutes, 35mm films and dried fish skin as ingredients for green substitutes of plastic and leather-based accessories.

A socially responsible Eco Fashion Designer wouldn't stop at designing eco-friendly clothes alone - he or she would further ensure that the manufacturer of those clothes comply with fair trade practice norms, providing legitimate wages and proper working conditions for the labourers in the factories.

Now what does it take to be a good Eco Fashion Designer? Knowledge, they say, is power and to acquire the requisite knowledge of this profession a budding Eco Fashion Designer may consider enroling for an online or offline training course in Eco Fashion Designing. The biggest challenge before an Eco Fashion Designer is to strike a balance between fashion and environment. He needs to have a good sense of design, colour, shape and space, as well as a good grounding in sustainable business, eco-friendly maufacturing, processes and bio-degradable materials.

Like any designer, creativity is the key for an Eco Fashion Designer. As there is immense scope for innovation in the Eco Fashion Industry which is still evolving and yet to come of age, an Eco Fashion Designer can simply let his or her imagination run wild.

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