Use and Throw; Collect and ReUse

An article on "Recycling e waste"

By S. Gupta


recylced glass office chair mats

Nothing substantial can be done towards environmental conservation without a proper waste management program. Governments that take environmental issues seriously, do realize this, and take several steps to ensure that the plethora of waste products - from both industry and individuals - are disposed of appropriately. Recycling e waste is one such step that Governments encourage entrepreneurs to take up as business ventures, making profits by recycling discarded electronic devices.

Since setting up a recycling plant will entail a substantial capital outlay, most ecopreneurs entering the business of recycling e waste might prefer being an intermediary - collecting waste materials from users of electronic goods and depositing them at recycling plants run by some big corporate or the Government.

If you are interested in the business of recycling e waste you should begin by assessing the market and identifying the different categories of users of consumer electronics. Users may include local government bodies, utility service providers, individuals, corporates, health centers, academic institutions and charitable organizations. Electronic items like computers, peripherals, cell phones, televisions, microwaves and dvd players are all candidates for recycling e waste once they wear out beyond repair.

Next, it is necessary to check out what the Government's rules and regulations are with regard to recycling of electronic waste , what the Public Works Department's disposal methods and zoning requirements are, and what sort of permits, certifications and licenses you would need to get on with recycling e waste.

For a business of recycling e waste to be viable, you have to locate more than one buyer of electronic waste products, find out what goods they recycle and negotiate prices for the same. Notably, some recyclers are very selective about the kind of electronic waste they would accept for recycling.

A significant aspect of the business of recycling e waste is deciding on what terms you would procure the electronic waste from the users. Will you collect them for free on grounds that you are helping them clear their waste without any expense to them ? Or will you give them some monetary compensation against the electronic goods they provide as an incentive for helping your business and the environment ? Obviously, what you decide and how effectively your decision works will have a bearing on the ultimate profitability of your recycling e waste business.

There are firms who can refurbish computers and other electronic devices by retrieving working components from discarded goods. So, recycling e waste you have collected, you can get in touch with such firms to see if any part of your waste is reusable, and hence salable to them.

The most arduous task of the business of recycling e waste is picking up the waste from the doorsteps of users. Here you need to take into account the costs, convenience and availability of van rentals and laborers and draw up your schedules accordingly.

All said and done, recycling e waste is a lucrative niche of the recycling industry that ecopreners may take interest in.

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